Idols: Haruka & Miracle Bokerdole

Coord: Paradise Coord

Song: Realize! (in bold are the reasons why they chose realize)

Scan the correct amount of MyTickets for your coord. You can scan your Friend Tickets. Coord Change Start!

Meganee: The pastel colors really fit Haruka. She looks like a ballerina!

Haruka: Paradise Coord! Iko!

Meganee: A sudden comeback by PriPara's mascot! Good luck and let's make Mirai smile! (This is a live for Mirai)

Miracle: Paradise Coord ♪

Mukuchi na heart hiraitara 
Susumō koe awasete 

Haruka: Mirai, please don't go. You're an important friend, I'll never forget our precious memories together! But still...

Kirakira shiteiru jibun wo 
Tsukamō daisuki na koto shiyō 

Miracle: Even though my name is Miracle, I can't make miracles happen. I never met Mirai before, but I really want to save her!

Kachi ka make da nante 
Kankei nai janai! 

Haruka: Mirai, I... I can't help her... I'm useless...

Saa te to te tsunaide 
Hey Jump! Party wa hajimaru 

Miracle: Let's go!

Let's Dance 1, 2, 3! Mirai he sō zutto minna de 
Zettai akirametakunai kara 
Let's sing Do my best! Ashita wa kitto kagayaiteru 
Chikara awasete tokimeki sagashite ku 
Tsukami torō PuriPara 

Making Drama, Switch On! Miracle and Haruka perform We Are PriPara, but on the ship there is Mirai and instead of Friend Tickets there are photos of Mirai. "Mirai he todoku! We Are PriPara!"

Kūyoku yo shite iru jibun wo

Cyalume Change, go Prism Voice!

Kaeyou minna ga tsuiteru yo 

Donna kabe datte mondai nai janai 
Saa yūki wo dashite 
Hey Clap yume ga hajimaru 

Haruka: But, amazing... We're so in sync, even if we never met!

Let's Dance Run with me mirai he sō zutto 
Minna de 
Zettai tebanashitakunai kara 
Let's sing Believe my way ashita wa motto kagayaiteru 
Kibō kakagete dokidoki sagashite ku 
Dare no mono PuriPara

Everyone is surprised because of Haruka and Miracle's powerful Prism Voice

The audience starts cheering for Spring Miracle and Mirai

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