This is a page where birthdays of all the idols enrolled in the academy are listed. When it's someone's birthday, be sure to get your charas to say a happy birthday on that character's page! Min'na Tomodachi, Min'na Idol! That's what Laala says!

Note: If I accidently skip you, I apologise. There are WAY to many characters and I can't remember all of them @_@ Due to internet issues I will stop here please add your own charas and realize (Ok, sorry) just how many characters you have

Hanako Inoue's Characters

WakaFromStarAnis's Characters

Ivanly912's Characters

Usagi Kawausa Hishikawa's Characters

YukiTomoe's Characters

DREAMINGCODE13's Characters

StarMiya's Characters

SingMeloetta's Characters

PriPara's Characters

Misaki Sakurano - March 12

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