"I used to hate being myself. My only goal was to become the perfect genius idol to please Niichan. It was when I found COLOR that I began to find my own light. Little by little, I'm still taking care of it and one day, it'll bloom, just like the Casablanca flowers Niichan loves so much!"

Aki "Hilulu" Shikyoin
Radiant hilulu
Kanji ヒルル
Romaji Hiruru
Personal Info
AgeAbout 5 months (Vocal Doll)

20 years (Human age)

SpeciesVocal Doll
GenderMale (feminine pronouns)
Birthday15th of September
Hair ColorPale Pink
Eye ColorGreen
FamilyHibiki Shikyoin, younger sister
Home Place-
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Pure-Hilulu-Ai
Favorite Brand(s)Candy Alamode
Idol TypePop

Hilulu Shikyoin is a Pop-type idol who uses the brand Candy Alamode. She was formerly a Mini Falulu. She has got the Hidden Prism Voice, which is boosted beyond the limits of imagination, and could have the strength to defeat Haruka.

Even though she is a boy, she uses feminine pronouns (except when she refers to herself, as she uses "boku", but that's because of Hibiki).

She is an orphan Vocal Doll who was first scanned by Hibiki Shikyoin, but was abandoned because 'pop idols are unworthy'.

Her true name is Nagareboshi Bokerdole. She is an unbeatable legendary Vocal Doll who, when her ticket was being created by Nijiru, absorbed all the power of PriPara during a system error. Her ticket is older than 40 years, making her the first Vocal Doll to be made.

It's said that a team with her as got a 10000% chance of victory.


Originally Hilulu resembled the other Mini-Falulu, having green hair and grey eyes. However her hairstyle was different.

After being awakening she gains very pale pink hair originally worn in buns. Later on she allows it to flow loose with several curls, reminiscent of Hibiki's old hair style. Her eyes are now green.

She often wears purple and sky blue attire.


Hilulu is a very sensible Mini Falulu and it's very easy to make her cry. She hasn't got any confidence in herself and thinks she's an unworthy, useless idiot. This is because Hibiki said she's unworthy as a pop type idol.

However, since meeting Galulu, who's constantly telling her she's not an idiot and that she's an amazing person, she's gaining some confidence in herself.

After being accepted by her older sister, Hilulu started being more active and energetic, and also teases her and Haruka because of the HibiHaru ship.

She really admires Hibiki even though she was mean to her, to the point of also copying her pre-Making Drama and Cyalume Airy poses.


Hibiki Shikyoin: Older sister, whom she calls "Niichan". They and Haruka always hang out together after Haruka realized to be in Hibiki's same situation.

Haruka Bokerdole: Best friend, whom she often hangs out with, along with Hibiki.

Hanako Inoue: Hanako comforts her when she's crying. Hanako hopes to become better friends.

Nijiru Bokerdole: They often fight over silly things like Hilulu's true name. Haruka considers them similiar because they're both over 40 years old but look like little girls (Nijiru looking like a 14-year-old and Hilulu like a 5-year-old) and act childish.

Kazumi Hikawa:They are lovers and they'll get married soon, they really care about each other but they're still idol rival.

Main Story

Hilulu main story in progress

Nagareboshi was scanned by Hibiki Shikyoin. She looked like a plain, old, normal Mini Falulu and a pop-type idol, so she was claimed to be unworthy and was abandoned.

Since then, Nagareboshi really admired Hibiki and considered her an example, wanting to be worthy of her. She had no confidence in herself though, so almost gave up on her.

One day she met Galulu, who became her best friend. Galulu constantly told her she's not useless and that she shouldn't listen to Hibiki, boosting a bit her confidence. Galulu also named her Hilulu, her true name being unknown.

Things changed when she met Nijiru who, frozen in fear, told everyone the truth about her and that she can be dangerous if in the wrong team. This made Hanako and Hibiki fight to see who will have Hilulu on their team. Even after Hanako's struggle, Hilulu always wanted to be in Hibiki's team.

However, it was revealed Hibiki already chose Hikari Todo to be the fifth member since Mikan left. Hilulu was very disappointed and started crying.

After deciding to snap out of depression, Hilulu opened her PriTicket Bag to do it, only to find Hibiki's friend ticket in it. Since she didn't have it before, she concluded that Hibiki had left it there on purpose. Seeing that Hibiki actually cares about her, Hilulu decided to trade and snap to give her ticket.

When Hilulu snapped, she overheard people insulting 'Niichan' and, to everyone's surprise, stood up and said she doesn't need a ticket to live and angrily 'counterattacked' with a speech about how wonderful Hibiki really is.

Having less energy because of the snapped ticket, she soon fainted again. Nijiru explained that Vocal Dolls have an energy that keeps them alive. This energy, in Hilulu's case, faded away, and they needed to do things that would please her to bring back the energy. The energy was really had to obtain and the only way to obtain it all before it disappears again was an heartfelt performance from Hibiki.

Convincing her wasn't really easy, but soon Hibiki realized Haruka and Nijiru were stating the truth, and when she admitted she cares, Hilulu woke up again.

After her Paradise Live performance, Hibiki accepted Hilulu as her little sister, and now lives with her. But Hilulu still wants to be more than a sister, a friend...

Happy ending



  • "It's not about wanting to be an idol. It's about managing to do it. Being an idol isn't all dreamy and sparkly. You have to learn that... If you don't, you won't be able to win, and stand at the top." -Shine, Star! Series
  • "I promise you! I'll surely become the best idol... Because... Because Niichan always loved idols... And... I know you'll watch me... I know that..." -Shine, Star! Series


  • Of Hanako's used charas, Hilulu has the highest voice. This is a bit ironic since Hibiki has the deepest voice out of her charas.
  • She uses the same pronouns as Hibiki (boku, kimi).
  • She is the first one of Hanako's characters to actually die on screen, unlike Hanako and Hime who died years prior to the series.
  • She was originally based on Hanako's Falulu Nendoroid Co-de.
  • She calls Hibiki "Prince-niichan" (lit. Prince Older Brother) even though Hibiki is a girl.
    • She quit with the "prince", but not with the "niichan".
  • She is the second Mini Falulu to not call everyone 'oneechan'. The first one to not do this was Galulu.
  • Her hobbies are cosplaying and reading idol magazines.
  • She is a Pink Actress fan.
  • She thinks of herself as the damsel in distress and wants Hibiki to be the prince who saves her.
  • She believes her surname is Shikyoin.
  • She stalks Hibiki. She has got a notebook full of trivia about her. She also has an huge crush on her (and of course everyone but Hibiki knows).
  • She is considered a genius in her class, but is actually studying like crazy.
  • She is actually a yandere, as shown when someone insults Hibiki.
  • She and Hibiki herself are the only ones of Hanako's used charas to be actually able to perform Pure Amour Ai without breaking a leg, unlike Haruka who ended up in the hospital.
  • Her real name is Aki.
  • She's actually the older brother, which is ironic because people who don't know Hibiki would easily mistake her as the older brother and Hilulu as the younger sister.

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