" My memories, my mistakes, the past, the future;all my pain; I don't intend to give you any of them to you!"


Baby Form | Goddess Form Alicenewformbaby

Kanji アリス
Romaji Arisu
Personal Info
AgeMillion of Years
SpeciesCreature of The Garden of Light.
BirthdayIt's unknown when she was birth
Hair ColorBrown-Blonde
Eye ColorViolet
FamilySeto Vessalius is her son, Moffun her son in law, Sayuri her granddaughter and Alexander & Fuyuki her grandsons.
Home PlaceEden
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)New Moon Ni Koishite
Favorite Brand(s)Pandora Hearts
Image Color
Voice ActressMiyuki Sawashiro
Alice (アリス Arisu) is an ancient deity-type Idol of Pripara Idol and her favorite brand is Pandora Hearts.

She's Xesc13primero & PrettyOjamajo7 character and the Goddess of Eden, a place from her series, Kirameki! Kami Jewels Serie. It's still not known if she's in a unit or not.She is Seto Vessalius mother and her representative color is Beige.


She seems a short lady with white skin. She has got relaxed purple eyes with glitter and blonde-brown long hair tied in a big ponytail, the one, afterwars it's tied into two another tails.

Baby Form

She's a little baby with a big head and a big front, blonde-brown hair tied into two mini twintails, big violet eyes and wears baby clothers.


Her personality is still unknown but in theory she seems to be gentle because she saved Seto's live turning him into a Vocaldoll hybrid.


Cold and alone... is the first feeling she felt when she opened her eyes at the Ancient Sanctuary. No one was there, just she. She spent a lot of centuries there alone with just a a memory... a voice that said "Protect the Sanctuary at all the costs".

Then, centuries pased and life started in both of the two worlds, The Garden of Light and The Abyss. One day, she heared another voice, but it wasn't the first she heared. It was a voice like from a little boy and it came from the gate of The Abyss. Alice, without thinking bad about anything, answered him and they started to talk and without noticing days, weeks, months and years passed.

Then, one day, the boy asked her if she could open the gate, she, without bad intentions opened the gates thinking it would be alright but something terrible happened... The boy's mission all this years he talked with her were to open the gate in order to conquire The Garden of Light, a heaven for the people of The Abyss. Seeing all the destruction it happened 'cause her fault... crying and suffering, watching the whole The Garden of Light Burn in flames and destructed... She decided to destroy all this suffering and with her power fulminated all the evil and the good, everything. Then, after finishing with all the life existed in Eden, she realized what she did crying and hammering herself 'cause it was her fault and went to the center of the Ancient Sanctuary and prayed... prayed for a solution. Then, the same voice she heard when she opened her eyes talked to her finally... and giving to her 4 keys, the one represented each element and the Sanctuary changed and 4 locks appeared. She, with all her power introduced the 4 keys making all the elements recreate the world again. There, she put chains to the door of The Abyss in order to never be opened again.


  • Cassandra: She was Alice first friend. They met a lot of time ago 'cause Cassandra's work was to take care of Alice, aka the goddess and cover all her needs.
  • Seto Vessalius: She's his mother and tho they had to separate since Seto was a baby she always watched him and she saved his life at the s. XVII at Promania.
  • Laura Hasegawa: For Alice, she's the dear daughter of her best friend, aka Cassandra. She talked to her at Promania back then in order for her to awake Seto.
  • Moffun: They met each other when Moffun still was in The Garden of Light. Their relationship is more like a husband-mother in law.


  • She's the goddess of The Garden of Light.
  • She's Seto Vessalius mother, and Sayuri/Alexander/Fuyuki's grandmother.
  • She shares her Brand with Seto Vessalius & Moffun.
  • As a baby, when she can do magic she moves her twintails.
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