Allegra is a fifteen year old girl. She is a cool type idol, despite the ballet looking outfit. Her main brand is Prism Stone. She is in a unit with Charolette Éclair and Lyra Adachi.

She's one of AutumnSapphire's main characters.

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Character Apperance

Allegra has golden brown hair tied in a bohemian-styled bun, and dark blue eyes. She wears a green leotard and a green tutu with three layers, and pink ballet shoes.

She's keeping her mouth shut about how she looks outside of Pripara. Probably because of not wanting to be recognized.


Allegra is mostly calm and collected. She is rather cheeky, and always has a comeback ready at hand. She is pretty informal when speaking, and after a while, can do impressions of others, mainly Charolette.


Charolette Éclair: Allegra's good friend. She wasn't very set on even watching Pripara until Charolette talked her into it. She is in a unit with her.

Lyra Adachi: Allegra's good friend. Allegra takes dancing lessons with her. She is in a unit with her.


  • Allegra's favorite color is actually orange.
  • Her theme is ballet.
  • Her birthday is on September 15.