Amaryllis Yukimura
Midnight Flower Amaryllis
Kanji 雪村 アマリリス
Romaji Yukimura Amarurissu
Personal Info
Blood TypeO
Height4ft 11inch
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorSapphire
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Happiness on the Same Earth (Aikatsu!)
Favorite Brand(s)Lunar Garden
Idol TypeNatural

Amaryllis Yukimura is a fourteen year old natural PriPara who dubbed herself the Midnight Flower Idol while in PriPara. This character is RPed with by AngelicMoonlight. She is part of the unit CaTaLyST along with Susumi and Trixie.


Outside and inside of PriPara, her hair and eyes remain the same. Her eyes are a deep sapphire colour and her hair is a caramel brown with a golden shine. She has rather pale skin and is somewhat short for her age.


She is normally a calm and kind individual who keeps her cool in multiple situations. She enjoys looking after people and helping them, the only time she might get angry is if they jump to conclusions about her because of her families wealth, someone gets bullied or hurt by another person or if she get's called "shorty". She is also a huge night owl.


Amaryllis grew up in a slightly rich family in the outskirts of Parajuku. She had an extremely vain little sister who got everything she wanted and bossy, business parents she never really knew very well. Her sister drove her mental and her only get away from the boredom of her house was a large garden which was hidden in the woods behind her house, where every night at midnight she would sneak out and sing and dance to the fireflies and flowers. One of these nights she met Trixie practising magic tricks and the two quickly became friends, to the extent where they gave each other their phone numbers and woukd arrange meetings at their secret garden to practise magic and sing. Eventually, Trixie became interested in Amaryllis' singing enough to take singing lessons from her and eventually, the two friends got a PriTicket, vowing to become idols together.

Significant Coords

  • Sunflower Mountain Coord - Her casual coord inside PriPara.
  • Lunar Garden Cyalume Coord - Her cyalume coord while performing.