Angel Moonrise  is a multi-type brand made by the Sakura Mizuki Harlaown. The brand was made especially for the unit Sweet☆Melody anyone else needs permission to use the brand, if permission is granted a original coord for the idol will be made. The brand name was made by combining the two names of Sakura's two favourite Aikatsu brands Angel Beatz and Love Moonrise.Angel Moonrise Logo

Brand Concept

This brand has no particular concept but it will mostly like have some concepts from the original Aikatsu brands.


Coord List

Sweet☆Melody S Coord

Sweet☆Melody K Coord

Sweet☆Melody M Coord

Small Devil Night Coord

Silky Ice Swan Coord

Passionate Hanabi Coord

Harmonic Hanabi Coord

Passionate Cyalume Charm Coord

Harmonic Cyalume Charm Coord

Mysterious Devilish Coord

Cheeky Devilish Coord

Melody Sky Coord

Mysterious Devilish Cyalume Coord

Cheeky Devilish Cyalume Coord

Coord Pieces

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