"Everyone Feelings.. The Sound Of Everyone's Feelings! I'll Protect Everyone Feelings!"

Angene Etoile Bokerdole

Angene Bokerdole

Angene Awakened(Eternal)

Kanji アニエネ・ボケルドレ
Romaji Aniene Bokerudore
Personal Info
BirthdayJuly 23
Blood TypeAB
Hair ColorWhite/Gray
Eye ColorGray
FamilyEtoile Family
Home PlacePriparis, Priparadakami
OccupationIdol, Meganee-san wannabe
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)"Promelium", "Dreamy Call Harmony ~HyperBird ver~"
Favorite Brand(s)Marionette Mu
Image ColorGreen
Idol TypeEternal
Voice ActressKanae Itou
SingerKanae Itou

Angene Etoile Bokerdole is a Eternal-type vocaldoll and her brand is Marionette Mu. She is a vocaldoll who wants to follow Meganee-san a.k.a she is "Meganee-san Wannabe".


Angene Etoile Bokerdole, her vocaldol-self was born in Priparis with other chibi Falulus but then she decidde to live alone after she grow up meanwhile her humans-self born from Etoile Family in Paradakami city. Angene and other chibi are not really close because she was really close with "Mama" Meganee-san and thats the reason why she thought vocaldolls and Meganee/nii-san are the SAME.


  • Unawakened She has white/silver hair colour, gray eye colour, and her main colour is green
  • Awakened Eraser 95% same with her unawakened form but the different is the colour and her face a.k.a her face are change into evil face or original eraser face and not innocent face anymore
  • Awakened Eternal Her braids and height are changed but not for her hairstyle and her current awakened are now same with her humans-self appearance


  • Eraser Angene's bad end awakened. Eraser choose to take over Angene's body when she was in the coma as karma because Eraser lose to take over Hanami Kotori body.
  • Eternal Angene's happy end awakened. Awakened her with Prism Voice won't enought even though its success on her first awakened but then it'll more difficult when she is in another coma again because of Eraser


  • Mars Tokimo Childhood firends, they meet each other when Mars enter Girlpara (pripara for girls) using his sister priticket and save Angene from falling to the chasm and Angene was actually still in the chibi Falulu form back then and thats why Mars doesn't know Angene's current appearance now.
  • Mama Meganee-san Angene knows the difference between Mama Meganee-san with other Meganee-san because "Mama Meganee-san" is the one who taught her about idol stuff and outside Pripara stuff
  • Balala Lerina Both are the vocaldoll of Priparadakami and they promise to form an unit together. Their relationship are more to the friends-sister.
  • Forever*Happiness & Heatzer Close Friends and Fans. Angene really love them as fand and support them especially Hanami Kotori because they both are Eraser's target


  • Her first name is actually a mix of French and Japanese name
  • Ange is a French name and the meaning of Ange is "Angel"
  • Ne is a Japanese name and the meaning of Ne is "Sound"
  • She have two awakened form or path
  • I'm already got permission for add another type a.k.a Eternal Type


Angene's Cyalume Coord
(FAKE) Screenshot 1
Angene's Sign