Arisu Hayashi

Angel/Human | Devil (Brainwashed) Arisu

Kanji 林 アリス
Romaji Hayashi Arisu
Personal Info
Hair ColorBlue


Eye ColorYellow


Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Rainbow Melody

Everybodyvil♪Everydayvil (brainwashed)

Favorite Brand(s)Silky Heart

LOVE DEVI (brainwashed)

Idol TypeLovely

Cool (Brainwashed)

Arisu Hayashi is CureItsuki's OC and roleplay character. She is a Lovely Type Idol who uses the brand Silky Heart.

She was drawn by masterhands.


Arisu has long blue hair that is usually tied in low pigtails and pale yellow eyes. Her casual coord is the PriPari Lemon Coord.


Arisu is an outgoing and friendly girl, whose also quite annoying and clumsy. She hates seeing other people unhappy and tries her best to cheer them up, she is even willing to risk her life.


After Arisu became an idol, she was targeted by some girl who was very similar to Aroma. She was captured and the girl sang Everybodyvil♪Everydayvil to her, and Arisu became brainwashed and is now a devil.

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