Aroma Kurosu
Pripara Season 2 New Chara 2nd Render
Kanji 黒須あろま
Romaji Kurosu Aroma
Personal Info
SpeciesHuman (refers herself as a devil)
BirthdayJune 6
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorBlue
Home PlaceParajuku


Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Reversible Ring (with Mikan)
Favorite Brand(s)LOVE DEVI
Voice ActressYui Makino

Aroma Kurosu (黒須あろま) is an original character from the PriPara series. She is a cool type idol who uses the brand LOVE DEVI (previously Holic Trick Classic) and is considered the leader of Gaarumageddon. She isn't used by anyone at the moment,if you want to use her ask to an admin


In contrast to her best friend, Mikan's personality, Aroma is a troublesome girl who acts like a devil. However, when she was in kindergarten, she was a shy soft-spoken girl until she saw her birthday and starts to act like a devil from that day. She may get out in character sometimes and sometimes say ~devi.


She has blue eyes and short dark hair while wearing a purple headband with bat wings. But in PriPara she increases in height and her hair becomes longer.


  • Mikan Shiratama - They are best friends since kindergarten and are part of the unit Aromageddon. They are often seen together.They were part of two Dream Teams together:"Solamaggedon Mi" and "Friend All".
  • Laala Manaka - She wants Laala to be in her Dream Aromageddon as an angel with Mikan. However, Laala chooses to reform SoLaMi Smile. They're also part of two Dream Teams together:"Solamaggedon Mi" and "FriendAll".
  • Mirei Minami - At first, Mirei disliked her but eventually befriends her. They're also part of two Dream Teams together:"Solamaggedon Mi" and "FriendAll".
  • Sophie Hojo - They're part of a Dream Team together:"Solamaggedon Mi".
  • Dorothy West - She wanted her to be part of her Dream Aromageddon as a devil with her but Dorothy chooses to reform Dressing Pafé.They were part of a Dream Team together:"Friend All".
  • Shion Todo - She wanted her to be part of her Dream Aromageddon as the neutral one but Shion chooses to reform Dressing Pafé.
  • Haruka Bokerdole - They met each other when Aroma was in trouble: she had to perform during a girl's birthday, but got double-booked, so Haruka performed for her (see Haruka's Debut Live). Since that day they met in PriPara and became great friends. Aroma wants to form a Dream Team with her and Mikan.


  • She is the first known idol to not have any wings/feathers on her Cyalume Coord.
  • She shares her birthday with the child character Shigure from Fire Emblem Fates.
  • She was born the 6/6 at 6 o'clock, which supports her devil character.