Aster boquet coord

The Aster Bouquet Coord is a Cool-type PriPara Rare coord made by the brand Starshine♥.


Coord pieces & Appearance


A purple theme dress composed of a lilac blouse with hearts, curled lines, and S's designed all over it. At the center is a ruffled, pale colored section with a purple flower on top of it, adorned with two dull green leaf. Lilac frills line the neck, while dull green frills line the sleeve. The flower and leaf is sewn to each shoulder, while sticking out of the arm is a pale sleeve with hearts designed on it. The dull green waistband has tiny purple flowers print on it. The skirt is in three layers, consisting of a two split petal sections, one lavender, one lilac. The lavender has a single purple flower on each side with two large dull green leaf, while the second skirt has the same flowers but much smaller and with a lining of hearts. The last section of skirt is a frilly pale lilac.


Lavender heels with a purple flower on each toe. A dull green strip wraps around the ankle.


A white headband with a row of hearts etched on it. On the side rests a purple flower.


  • This Coord was originally made for the PriPara Producer Event on PriPara Wiki.

Who can use this coord?

This coord was made for Shion Todo, which means that you need permission from Ivanly912 if you want your character to use it. If you use without permission, Haruka will slap you a Warning Ticket.

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