Azuki Minami
Azuki Minami
Kanji 南 アズキ
Romaji Minami Azuki
Personal Info
Hair ColorYellow
Eye ColorTeal
FamilyMirei Minami - Sister
Home PlaceMirei's home
OccupationPriPara Idol

Student Council Helper

Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Sweet Cooking Time Magic
Favorite Brand(s)Candy Alamode More

Rainbow Diva
Fortune Party

Idol TypePop
Azuki Minami (南 アズキ) is Mirei's younger sister who is a big fan of Dorothy. She uses the brand Candy Alamode More and Rainbow Diva. Like Mirei, she is considered "smart" in Paprika Private Academy and teaches Maths and English at PriPara Idol Academy. She also loves sweets and makes a lot at home. She helps Mirei out with Student Council things in Paprika when she was approved to do so by the Headmistress. Her debut song is Sweet Time Cooking Magic and her Making Drama is Friendly Sweets Party, formally used by SoLaMi SMILE.


She has short blonde hair, blue happy eyes and white skin.


Like Mirei, Azuki is a really serious girl outside PriPara. After watching PriPara TV and seeing Dorothy, she started to be a bit more carefree and less serious. However, she still does her best in schoolwork and gets high marks in class.

Significant Coords

Sweet Pop Bambini Yukata Coord - Her casual coord in PriPara

Rainbow Candy Alamode More Cyalume Coord - Her Cyalume Coord

Other Coords: TBA






  • For some reason, she wears the Paradise Star with every coord
  • She is in the same class as Laala and Nao
    • This makes her the fourth idol to be in elementary. She is preceeded by Laala, Aroma and Mikan.