This coord is from Moonrise Symphonia and its a PriPara rare coord. It is the recolor version of Triangle Coolest Coord. It is used by Hizaki Nijino as her mostly most stage coord.

Butterfly Rose Coord
Butterfly Rose Dress Butterfly Rose Shoes Butterfly Rose Accessory



A rose-colored dress with vibrant melon detail on the navel and around the hem of the skirt, which is also trim with pleated ruffles coated in glitter. A white ruffled border is sewn around the navel, while the chest is a soft pink gradient fabric with a glittery purple and mauve butterfly sewn to it. A melon music note rests in the middle. Ruffled, soft pink sleeves worn beneath the shoulder are included, matching the tutu peplum sewn on top of the skirt that has diamond gems hanging from each fold. A pleat, multi-layered petticoat sticks out from the bottom of the skirt. Comes with an ornate melon necklace and large, glittering butterfly wings.


White pumps with the butterfly from the dress sewn to the foot. Comes with glittering, rose pink stockings that have a rose, lace butterfly design for the cuff. On the side of the leg is a design in melon.


A glittering purple and mauve butterfly for the hair with lace ribbons hanging from it, each adorned with pearls.

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