Candy Alamode Cyalume Coord Crescent Version is a recolor of the original and first Candy Alamode Cyalume Coord.



A white top with ruffled layered sleeves, one side being white and teal with the layer beneath it solid teal, the opposite has two solid layers of cyan. Sewn to the corner of the chest is a white pom-pom with small teal and dark blue wings with white lining, sewn on top of a teal and cyan ribbon with pom-pom hanging from the tails. The skirt is in several layers, starting with a cyan peplum that has a pom-pom sewn to a dark blue bow on the front right corner and back left corner. White accents these, along with a teal and white wing. The next layer is teal with white pom-pom covering it, followed by a white and dark blue striped layer. Two skirt layers reside beneath this with a ruffled trim, one cyan, one white. A dark purple and green bead necklace is included, along with wrist accessories.


Boots with an alternating color scheme, one being dark blue with a teal bottom. Sewn to the ankle is a striped accent, one with cyan, the other with indigo. The white cuff has a ribbon residing over a bow and decorated by three pom-pom, one is cyan and teal, the other is blue and dark blue. Comes with colorful blue striped stockings.


Glittering bows sewn together with a white pom-pom in the center. One bow is blue, the other teal. A pair of matching wings are attached to the pom-pom.


Candy Alamode Cyalume Coord Crescent Version
Candy Alamode Cyalume Coord Crescent Version Dress Candy Alamode Cyalume Coord Crescent Version Shoes CAndy Alamode Cyalume Coord Crescent Version Hairpiece
New Shoes

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