Yuki Abe
Abe Yuki
Kanji エイブ 雪
Romaji Abe Yuki
Personal Info
Birthday23 February
Blood TypeO
Hair ColorSilver white
Eye ColorCyan
OccupationStudent Idol
Idol Info
Favorite Brand(s)Coco Flower
Idol TypeNatural
Abe Yuki, another character of Yukaru321 . Also a member of YU SHOW GIRLS . Wants to be Idol ever since she was young and is striving to be a divine idol with her friends.


A very quiet girl and rich girl. Very mysterious girl. Love dancing and singing but doesnt like to show it much untIL she join PriPara.


Short silver white hair. She have Cyan eyes


  • Shinoa Yukaru - Met her in Paprika Private Academy, Elementary School. She was the one of the 1st to talk to her. She encourage her to sing out loud.
  • Kurosawa Yumi - Met each other in Paprika Private Academy, Elementary School. She is the other 1 who talk to her. She encourage her its okay to dance! Just have fun.


Yuki was always alone and loved singing and dancing since young but her parents did not pay much attention to her. This cause her confidence to drop as she always wants to show them but they dont have time.

Yuki still dance and sings but alone until she met Yukaru and Yumi in Paprika Private, Elementary School. She was always left alone in school due her unusual hair color. She was always made fun of having a white hair like the elders. But Yukaru was the 1st 1 to say her hair was pretty and Yukaru thought it was Silver. Yumi told Yukaru is Silver gray color. Yuki still tries to avoid them but when she was alone, she sang and got caught by Yumi and Yukaru. Yuki finally gaves up and be friends.

As they continue on to Middle school, They watched the a performance from Pripara on the TV screen hoping to go there.

Until 1 day as they watch the performance after school, 3 paper float down. It was 3 of their PriTickets.

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