Yumi Kurosawa
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Kanji 黒沢優美
Romaji Kurosawa Yumi
Personal Info
Birthday20 January
Blood TypeB
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorGrayish SIlver
OccupationStudent Idol
Idol Info
Favorite Brand(s)Twinkle Ribbon
Idol TypeLovely

Kurosawa Yumi is another character by Yukaru321 . She is also a member of YU SHOW GIRLS. Similar to her friends, she is a newbie idol, aiming to be a divine idol.


Yumi is a very hyper and jolly girl, always smiling and laughing. Yumi is often able to make every around her turn their frown upside down. She also loves to dance and sing.


Yumi has pale skin, long black hair tied in two pigtails that curl at the ends and grayish silver eyes.


  • Shinoa Yukaru - Been neighbor every since birth and became best friends until now
  • Abe Yuki - Met each other in Paprika Private Academy, Elementary School. Yumi and Yukaru was the 1st ones to speak to her.


Yukaru and Yumi are best friends. They both love to sing together but Yukaru doesn't like dancing, she rather sing while watching Yumi dance along to the song.

As years past, they went to Paprika Private Academy, Elementary school together. They were even in the same class. But in that class, everyone got some one to talk to. Except one girl. Abe Yuki, She have pale skin with silvery white hair and grayish eyes. She look very mysterious. But for some reason , no one wants to talk to her until Yukaru and Yumi walked towards her and talked. Yuki finds them irritating and told them she prefer to be alone. Yukaru and Yumi just follow where ever she goes. Until one day where Yukaru and Yumi had to stay back for clean up duties. Yuki was finally alone. But when Yumi and Yukaru went to find Yuki, they heard her singing and just went towards her and sing together with her.

Yuki finally gaves up and introduce herself which ended up in a hug. Yumi and Yukaru just agree that Yuki is their best friends.

As they continue on to Middle school, They watched the a performance from Pripara on the TV screen hoping to go there.

Until 1 day as they watch the performance after school, 3 paper float down. It was 3 of their PriTickets.

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