The Quarter Grand Prix is a tournament where all participants must perform monthly, following the said months theme. Each month are named after their respective zodiac signs (example: April=Aries). The competition started on April 1, 2016 and ended on ______. The winning team for the tournament is ______.

Apparently, the event was cancelled due to inconsistency.


  • Be nice (typically)
  • No cheating (cause you won't get any blessings from Mikan)
  • No money voting (we're idols, not politicians)
  • No favoritism (cause you're not a teacher)
  • No copying (everyone's unique)
  • Try to be creative (......nothing to say XDD)




  • The month uses themes of flowers to celebrate the coming of spring.
  • Hosting this event will be Prism Force to start the ceremony. Klara and Sumire weren't able to host properly due to relationship problems. (xD)
  • Event started at April 1 and ended in April 24.
  • The Negai Trio weren't able to participate the tournament.
  • COLOR won the month with 32 votes, followed by SHiMer with 16 points, NEOPOLITAN with 13 points and then LAPiS LAZULI with 9 points


  • The month uses themes of candies, aliens and bizarre colors to celebrate Usagi's birthday.
  • Hosting this event will be Ichigo Amanogawa.
  • The event started at April 25.
  • COLOR are winners for the month.


  • The month uses themes of cool, school and water.
  • Hosting this event will be Akane Urawa and Ann Fukuhara.
  • The even started on May 31.
  • NEOPOLITAN are winners for the month.


  • The month uses themes of summer and the sun.
  • Hosting this event will be Pinon, Haruka Shiratama and Kululu.
  • The event started on June 30.









Bonus Points

Bonus Points are given to participants for fulfilling the following requirements.

  • Using Cyalume Superior
  • Following theme
  • Participating

The participants will start with 5 points. However, deduction of points will only happen in the final round.

Winning Quarter Sticker

Winning the Quarter Sticker, the unit/idol's Cyalume Superior points will be increased with one point. They won't loose such privilege even when they loose a rounds.


  • Taurus is the first month to be multi themed.