Cheeky Devilish Coord(生意気な悪魔コーデ) is a sexy rare pripara unit coord by the brand Angel Moonrise. It is worn by Miyuki Hanazaki as her unit coord for Devilish.




A smoke-purple top with tiny gold beads sewn to the hem to match the zipper and tiny frills lining the top of the chest. Two glittery ruffled layers of purple hang from the chest, the second of which has a detailed design on it. A section of purple ruffles line each side of the chest and center, each with a thin gold line. From the top of the chest to the dark purple collar is sheer material with a floral design. The collar has tiny studs and resting beneath is a gold chain necklace with three star charms hanging from it. 


Smoke-Purple short shorts with a black floral mesh overlapping it. Comes with a black belt accented with gold.


Black heels with thin straps wrapped around the foot and heel. From the front strap traveling up to the thigh is a thin silver chain attached to straps at the ankle, below the knee, and thigh.


Cheeky Devilish Coord
Cheeky Devilish Tops Cheeky Devilish Skirt Cheeky Devilish Heels
Mystery Devilish top
Mystery Devilish shorts
Mystery Devilish Heels

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