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Kanji ちび春ボーカル人形
Romaji ChibiHaru Bokerdole
Personal Info
SpeciesVocal Doll
BirthdayDecember 24
Hair ColorGrey
Eye ColorPurple-dark purple
FamilyHaruka Shirogane
Home PlacePriPara
OccupationIdol, Idol, Idol, Idol, be better than Haruka Shirogane, Idol
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Snow Halation (Normal)
Queen of Roses (Haru
Steps -brandnew myself- (Nep)
Magical Time (Popi)
Idol TypeMulti (Mostly Premium-Cool-Hybrid)
Voice ActressMona from STAR☆ANIS (Normal and Haru*DARK EDITION*)

Minami Tanaka (Nep) Remi from STAR☆ANIS (Popi) TBA...

"I'll become Pripara's ParaQueen, just watch!"

Chibiharu is OmegaPri's main character. Chibi is the owner of the brand Happy☆Lucky.



Before her Age Change

Chibi is very quiet at first but then get's louder and louder. Her favorite words are "Big sis" and "Who dat".


She became more anti-social, seeing that most of her friends left her.


~Fake Backstory~

ChibiHaru was a Vocal Doll, who was scanned like the rest. However, she was different from the other mini Falulus, she had a gift-the gift of dreams. When she was born, they said she had great powers. Chibi had a sister named Haruka Shirogane. They were separated from each other. Haruka lived her human life as Chibi lived her boring Vocal Doll one. But then Chibi had enough! Chibi tried so many attempts to find her sister. Her last one was deadly. She had to go through the "Cosmic Portal". She could've died, but she made it alive. Now, she lives her life with her sister and friends as an idol.

~Real Backstory~

(Info by Hanako)

ChibiHaru Bokerdole, real full name Yozora "Mai" Kottashiro Shirogane was born on December 24th-January 3rd by a very powerful being, Michi-san. Her Dad, Luka, died before Haruka was even born. When Chibi was still getting tested, she died. Though, she came back after about Two Weeks-Three Weeks (?) When Haruka was around 5-6, she was getting abused by Michi. Hisoka, Michi's older sister, didn't want the same to happen to Chibi, so she adopted the two.

There are two different Kou's. One, Shin, the depressed on up to now. And two, the real Kou, or, Koharu. He's Hisoka's "Huswaifu" (?)

When Haruka was 9 and Chibi was 3, Pripara were looking for Vocaldoll candidates. Pripara abducted so many kids and made them little dolls. Boys and Girls.

By the time Chibi was 5-6, she was taken by some Meganee's and Megani's. Chibi thought Hisoka would stop them, but she didn't. Of course Kou didn't. She then been changed into a Vocaldoll and hid forever in Pripara.

But, soon she rekindled with her precious Onee-chan and friends. She was in a unit, had a boyfriend, and is now part human and learning more about her family's dead name.


  • Haruka Shirogane - Haruka is Chibi's Big and only sister. She usually spends time in COLOR's "Deluxe" Room.
  • Yui Dojinshi - Chibi taught her (with the help of Naoha) about friendship and making your own decisions. Yui also sometimes takes care of Chibi when Haruka isn't around.
  • Naoha Mizuki - Naoha help Chibi with lots of stuff. She also takes care of her with help from Yui when Haruka isn't around.
  • Saku Kimi - Saku usually worries about Chibi. He also makes delicious treats for Chibi too, like chocolate and macaroons.
  • Hibiki Shikyoin - At first, Chibi and Hibiki don't really get along well. But they soon became great friends.
  • Aki "Hilulu" Shikyoin - They usually are together when there both around Haruka. There both alike because there vocal dolls and have siblings.
  • Falulu Vocaldoll - Falulu and Chibi are great friends. They both got offended by Haruka.
  • Hime Shiratenshi - Hime usually hugs Chibi a lot cause she thinks Chibi's cute.
  • Rise Migoshi - While Chibi was Nep, Rise was helping Nep achieve a portal to save the Prism Box Goddess.
  • Ako Migoshi - Ako helped Nep achieve a portal to saving the Prism Box Goddess.
  • Angel/Tenshi Bokerdole - Tenshi and Chibi have been in fights, but Chibi always thought of her as a friend.
  • Axel Bokerdole - Axel went to Chibi's world and tried to destroy her and her friends. Axel hated idols,and of course Chibi was one, but Chibi had goddess powers, so Axel tried to steal Chibi's powers, but she failed. Now Axel isn't really around Chibi much.
  • Zora - Zora and Chibi are great friends. They are Choco friends. They often call each other "Choco____-Chan" or something like that. They do go serious when it comes to a unit dual. Well, Chibi not much.


  • Chibi is Haruka's sister.
  • Chibi's a goddess.
  • Chibi has multiple idol forms.
  • Chibi lied about her death.
  • She LOVES chocolate, I mean LOVE~!!!!!!!!!!!!! (xD)
  • Chibi likes to think Angel/Tenshi as a friend (sometimes).
  • She's in a unit called PRiDE.
  • She left the unit PRiDE and made a new one called Nebula.
  • She split up Nebula and went back to PRiDE.
  • Chibi and Falulu got offended by Haruka (xD).
  • ParuHaru doesn't like Chibi that much (xD).
  • She loves Saku's cooking.
  • Chibi has in common with the creator A LOT~!!!!!!!!
  • Chibi likes to stalk people.
  • Chibi is mistaken to be a full human but is not.
  • Actually, Chibi has been mistaken in ALL of her forms.
    • In Chibi's Cool Idol Form, Haru, people think that she's older than there older sister Haruka.
    • In Chibi's Lovely Idol Form, Nep, people think of her as "A Cute,Nice,and Calm Idol", but really she is really goofy and weird. Nep acts more like a pop idol.
    • In Chibi's Pop Form, Popi, nobody actually thought she was real.
    • Chibi does have a Celeb and Premium form, but she would earn them once she grew up.
      • Now, all she has to do is train.
  • Haru has a Motorcycle, but doesn't have a license.
  • Popi loves art, she even has her own Paint Gallery with Ajimi.
  • Nep was already figured out as Chibi by Hanako, when Nep came around and met everyone.
  • Chibi's is not like TRIANGLE/Non because..
    • She doesn't have holograms as teammates
    • She doesn't play everyone in the unit.
    • She quickly gets recognized (That's PIA for ya)
  • Chibi is like TRIANGLE/Non because..
    • She became a Secret Idol with a new identity.
  • Chibi has 2 last names.
    • Mai's Chibi's middle name. Her first name is Yozora. She's just like Quinn Fabrayof using her middle name as her first.
    • Her mother named her Yozora cause she's the goddess of the night. But Chibi's also the goddess of winter.
      • That's why her other last name is Kottashiro. But she is also a Shirogane through blood.
  • She is not married. (Yet?)


  • ChibiHaru Bokerdole/Image Gallery

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