City Fairy is a Premium type brand. Feel free to have a character that uses it!


  • PriParis Coord
  • Andalusia Red Wine Coord
  • City Fairy Cyalume Coord
  • PriParis Yellow Coord
  • Tokyo Adventure Yukata Coord
  • Fancy Airport Coord
  • Lime Airport Coord
  • New York Surprise Adventure Coord
  • PriParis Pink Coord
  • Maldives Marine Coord
  • Friend Ticket Exchange In Berlin Coord
  • Polish City Tourist Coord
  • Marine New Orleans Coord
  • Aqua Boat Coord
  • Texas Rodeo Cowboy Coord
  • Texas Rodeo Equine Coord
  • Texas Rodeo Nature Coord
  • Happiness Beijing Flower Coord
  • Lovely Rome Coord
  • Guyana Leaf Coord

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