Clare Ryuka Henderson
Kanji クレア ヘンダーソン
Romaji Kurea Hendason
Personal Info
BirthdayMarch 12
Blood TypeA
Hair Colordark Blue
Eye ColorYellow
Home PlaceParajuku
OccupationStudent, idol, part-time maid
First AppearanceTBA
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Blooming*Blooming, Your Song
Favorite Brand(s)Twinkle Ribbon
Idol TypeLovely
Voice Actressfaru-chan (gumblinasuv46)
Clare Henderson is an idol who debuted in an episode of Season 4. She is a student studying at both Pripara idol Academy Paprika Private Academy. She is a Lovely-type idol, with her brand Twinkle Ribbon (but different cyalume change). She is also the member of the trio team, M♪racle Tune.


Clare has dark blue hair which is usually tied in two long pigtails. Her eyes are yellow.


Clare is a kind and lovely girl. She likes helping those in need. During Akemi's fight with Rumi, she was the one who made them friends again.


  • Akemi Hatanaka - Her best friend. Even though 1 year older than her, Clare is ready to help her out.
  • Rumi Yoshida - Rumi likes to tease Clare, but Clare goes soft on her. Soon, Rumi slows down on teasing her.
  • Madison Henderson - Clare really respects her mum because she is the only family member she has.


Hello, Pripara!

Clare's mother used to be a singer. NORMAL singer. One day, Clare decided hat she might just follow her mother's career. She went to Prism Stone to buy new outfits, and ACCIDENTALLY entered Pripara! She made a live there, thinking that's the place she was supposed to perform. After telling her mother, she was furious. Her mother never liked Pripara for a reason. Clare wanted to continue her idol career, though. So, for the first time, she disobeyed her mum and entered Pripara.

Significant Coords


  • Image credit: Xescprimero SS gift
  • Gumblina-chan made the pic with PicsArt! I hope u love it!! :3

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