Cosmic Diva is Sister Brand to Rainbow Diva. It features Recolors and Original Designs.


  • Navy Ribbon Coord (Recolor of Cutie Ribbon Coord)
  • Star Powder Coord
  • Spring Coming Star Coord (Recolor of Spring Coming Coord)
  • Heart Charm Coord
  • Beauty Paradise Coord (Recolor of Paradise Coord)
  • Pink Mix Fruit Coord (Recolor of Juicy Fruit Coord)
  • Silver China Rock Coord (Recolor of China Rock Coord)
  • Cosmic Emerald Coord
  • Lemon Signal Coord
  • Maroon Succubus Coord (Recolor of Cheeky Little Succubus Coord)
  • White Cookies Coord (Recolor of Merry Cookies Coord)
  • Cream Powder Coord
  • Shine Perfect Pink Coord

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