Cyalume Superior is a new technique used in PriPara that appeared in the Dress Up! Sonata Series. The Cyalume Superior was a well-known type of Cyalume Change where the Cyalume Coords glow into one color instead of multi-colors. According to Kululu, the one who named it, the Prism Force and Shadow Powers are the only idols to ever do it. The reasons are still unknown. If you want your characters to do Cyalume Superior, you may wanna ask me, Usagi.


The Cyalume Superior does not affect the idol's ranking and acts as a normal Cyalume Change. For Prism Force and Shadow Powers, it increases their star rank instead (e:g: Sumire ranks up from a bronze one star general to a bronze two star general). The technique is actually useless, unless if you're a soldier idol.

According to Kululu, everyone can do Cyalume Superior if they have Sonata Stickers which are to be put into the Cyalume Coords of the idol and will typically shine gold. Leaders, like Arachne and Sumire, use Sonata Stars, but Sumire currently uses Keroro Gunsou's Keron Star to do so. It is probably the fact that she has not yet proven herself worthy to lead her platoon yet.

Sonata Stickers

Sonata Stickers are exclusively used for this technique. It indicates a soldiers ranking or for normal idols ranking.

Stickers For Soldiers

  • Club - Bronze
  • Diamond - Silver
  • Spade - Gold
  • Heart - Platinum
  • Star - For leaders only

Stickers For Idols (By Rank)

  • Yellow Kuma - Student
  • Blue Kuma - Debut
  • Green Kuma - Major
  • Purple Kuma - Top
  • Red Kuma - Divine

Stickers For Idols (By Type)

Idols Who Can Do Cyalume Superior

  • Everyone!!! (As long as you ask a sticker xD)


  • Cyalume Superior can also be used for politicians and government officials (I'm not creating an idol who is president of Japan xDDD)
  • This is the lightest technique in the Pretty Rhythm/PriPara world, meaning it won't affect anything (your ranks, reputation, etc) on you.
  • Cyalume Superior is done after Cyalume Change.
  • Kululu cannot do Cyalume Superior. Probably it's because of her grudge against History.

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