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As Milulu brings her presents to her room, she notices a letter with a Friend Ticket. "Naniiii? (Whaaaat?) Haruka-oneechama is going to EuroPara? Wait, she shouldn't be supposed to snap tickets! But she said I shouldn't worry... I must deliver this to KiSeKi!" she thinks as she runs away.

She opens the door to KiSeKi's room and brings them the letter with the ticket.

Milulu: so, this happened! Help me! I don't know what to do!

SHiMer, who's room was next to KiSeKi's, heard what Milulu said and rushed into the room

Mizuki: EEEEHHH! Haruka-chan snapped??? I thought she couldn't snap?

Shion: She can't. If she did, her program will stop.

Hikari:What are we gonna do???

Milulu: I don't know! She just vanished during my birthday party!

Hikari: O-Oneechan, find some way out of this!

Shion: I see it. Just like Falulu, if we perform with the Paradise Coord and someone with a Prism Voice, she should wake up

Hikari: Paradise Coord? Nani sore? (what's that)

Milulu: I think it's a legendary coord only SoLaMi♥Dressing cyalume-changed...

Hikari: Oh yeah! The ParaPri! That Paradise Coord! Then, can we get SoLaMi Dressing to do it again?

Mirai knocks the door and than opens it.

Mirai: Minna(everyone), What's happened?

Mikami: Yup what's up here?

Hikari: Mirai! It's Prez! She snapped!

Mirai:Huh? Maji de?!(Really?) What is going on .-.

Mikami:I thought it's impossible...

Mizuki: Yeah! She snapped! It's possible, but you shouldn't. What are we gonna do???

Mikami: Go after her!

Mirai: Baka ne(how stupid)! I have no idea... Do you have any ideas guys?

Laala: Why everyone is here? What's going on?

Mirai: Haruka snapped and went to EuroPara....

Laala: Kashikoma!- um, wait WHAT?!

Kotori: Nani Nani? (What?) Doshitano? (What's wrong?)

Shilulu: What happened?

Mizuki: Ok, Kotori and Shilulu, you know what happens when a Vocal Doll snaps a PriTicket?

Kotori: Yes...

Shilulu: Shilulu doesn't like where this is going

Hikari: Well, Prez just snapped...

Kotori and Shilulu: EEHHHHH!!!???? HARUKA SNAPPED HER TICKET???!!!

Shion: She's the last person I expected to do it. She knew about it after all.

Mirai: I didn't get it .-. What's going to actually. Shion, do you have any ideas why did she do it?

Shion: (Does her go thing) Perhaps... She wanted to be part of KiSeKi and debut as a team. She wanted to form this team and didn't want herself to be the reason you don't debut, so she snapped...

Mirai:BAKA NE! Oh, sonanda ;w;

Hikari: W-What are we gonna do? We can't just leave Prez like that! Can we make SoLaMi Dressing perform with the Paradise Coord again?

Mikami: Isn't the goal of every idol to become best unit?! Let's become one together and make that ParaCoord shine! I's sure that together we can make it!

Mirai: .-. huh .-. Is it even possible, Mika?

Mikami: It's possible for sure!

Mizuki: I've obtained the Paradise Coord and I think Mirai has too. We can definitely try making it shine. What about the Prism Voice? Laala, can you perform with us? Wait, ALL MEMBERS OF SOLAMI DRESSING!!!! I would be so happy if I performed with all of them

Mirai: Falulu-chan said that I could own Prism Voice, but I don't think so... Anyway, perform with SoLaMi Dressing would be amazing!

Mizuki: Yeah! We have Laala too, so everything should be Kashikoma!

Laala: Kashikoma, Mizuki-chan! I'll be glad to help you!

Hikari: Sounds nice...

Mirai: Thankyou Laala-chan ^^

Mizuki: That makes... 8 people. Should we wait for one more person to win the Paradise Coord? I think 9 people is easier to dance with than 8, but that's just me

Shine enters: Who is Haruka? What is a Friend Ticket

Mirai: .-. um, etto-sono. It's part of PriTicket and you can snap it with your friends? Haruka is Academy Prez .-.

Shine: sonanda... She can't snap?

Kotori: Basically, if she snaps, her program gets shut down. She won't wake up until someone performs with a Prism Voice.

Shine: we could give her a shock with electricity. With me it always works, when I faint!

Hikari: Well, she's in EuroPara right now, so we can't. Besides, she didn't just faint like a normal human would. It's kinda like, well, she fell into a coma? Yes, a coma.

Shine: sonanda... Well, the EuroPara thing could easily have been an excuse so she didn't have to tell Milulu the truth about her vanishing..

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