Idol: Hilulu Shikyoin

Song:Pe~rfect with Pri

Coord: Vampire Blue Rose Coord

Cyalume: Candy Alamode MORE Cyalume Coord

Before the live

Hilulu: Ok... it's not the finals of the contest, so no one will be doing something unexpected... 

Haruka: Hilulu-tan ^^ Chill, desu! You'll win for sure! You're so adorable and- going in a Brilliant Prince coord... ARE YOU STUPID?!

Hilulu: Huh? No I'm a genius


Hilulu: Gee...

(Awkward silence)

Haruka: Um, sorry...

Hilulu: It's fine. *rolls eyes*

Haruka: Um, I actually came to tell you something else...

Hilulu: What?

Haruka: Do it for us. The Deluxe Change!

Hilulu: Don't say nonsense! You've got the Cyalume Ribbon, you do it!

Haruka: There.

Haruka takes off the ribbon from her hair and puts it in Hilulu's hands.

Haruka: If you don't try, you'll never know. But if you manage, you'll be ahead of everyone. That's why I want you to do it. I want you to win!

Hilulu: Harubakaichou...

Haruka: M-mou! Stop it!

Hilulu: *smile* Thanks for th-

Announcement: Number 21, Shikyoin Hilulu, may get on the stage!

Haruka: Yosh! We're all watching you! Go go go! 

Hilulu runs towards the stage with Haruka cheering for her.


Muite mo muite mo puritī (Puritī)
Migoto na aidoru puri miseru puri
Puripuri genki deru kotoba (Sai puri yori)
Oshiete ageru sā issho ni

Kuchibiru wo kisu no katachi sutan bai soshitara
Hoppe wo (Puri) ryōte de (Puri)
Gyutto shite shinkokyū (Pupupupu)
Iku yo!

Pupupu puripuripuri (Pupupu)
Yume wo migaku puri (Puripo)
Shisen watashi dake ni chōdai
Koko ni puri puri
Pupupu appu appuri (Pupupu)
Oboreru hodo puri (Hāpi yo!)
Toretate (Hai) purittona hāto
Todokeru yo puri pāfekuto

Making Drama Switch On! Yellow Flower Cinderella!

Ichiban kyūto puri
Ichiban saikō puri
Itsudemo happī
Atarashī aidoru miseru!

Airy Change!
Hilulu Airy Change

As golden sparkles cover Hilulu's coord, it changes into a radiant Candy Alamode MORE Cyalume.
Golden wings appear in the light and Hilulu poses.
Deluxe Change!

A light is seen as Hilulu catches a violin.
Prism Live!

Pupupu puripuripuri (Pupupu)
Yume wo migaku puri (Puripo)
Shisen watashi dake ni chōdai
Koko ni puri puri...

Falulu: Sugoi, sugoi!
Hibiki: ...why?!

Number 1: Pop Splash!
Number 2: Paint Shower! Yellow!
Number 3: Miss Airy Girl! Golden!
Number 4: Dream Kaleidoscope!
Number 5: Fresh Banana Basket!
Number 6: Yellow Dolphin Venus!
Number 7: DoReMiFa Slider!
Number 8: 100% Pure Pure Arrow!
Number 9: Swinging Heart Rhythm!
Number 10: Fresh Fruits Planet!

As the live ends, the crowd goes wild. (Haruka drags a fainted Hibiki to a nursery.)

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