The Dressing Red Coord is a recolor of the Nocturne Sky Idol S Coord, a PriPara Rare Coord and a Premium-type. It debuted in the 1st Live, and is from the brand Niji-iro Queen.

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A glittering black vest with a ruffled piece of glittering gold material accented with black velvet and a thin piped line of red to match the ruffled pieces of material at the bottom. The collar section is white with a red and brown gingham tie held with a ruby diamond. The lapel of the top is gold with red lining. The puffed sleeves end above the elbow with a sequin gradient of red and grey, attached to a thin glittering gold cuff. Comes with black velvet wrist pieces with glittering gold pieces beneath them.


Glittering short-shorts lined in gold with a two layer red gingham over it. One skirt is a slightly ruffled tutu, while the other is reminiscent of a cape. Both layers are lined in gold, while the bottom has several ruby diamonds hanging from it. Sewn to the center is a double bow, one white with gold, red, and black stripes, the other black and red striped. White ribbon tails hang from it with thin lines of gold and red, while sewn to the center is a fluffy pom-pom.


Tall sequined boots with a red foot and white sole. Gold string laces up the center of the boot, while the cuff is red gingham. Sewn to the front of the ankle is the double ribbon from the skirt.


Two ribbon held together with a fluffy white pom-pom. One ribbon is white, black, red, and gold striped, the other is black and red striped.

Coord Pieces

Dressing Red Coord
Dressing Red Tops Dressing Red Skirt Dressing Red Boots Dressing Red Hair Accessory
Red dressing top
Red dressing skirt
Red dressing shoes
Red dressing acc