Fairy Heart Lace M Coord (ファリハトァスMコーデ) is a coord used by Michiko Manaka as her team coord for KiraMichi. This coord is a Lovely Type coord from the brand Rainbow Diva. This coord is a recolor of the Dream Heart Lace L Coord, Dream Heart Lace M Coord, Dream Heart Lace S Coord and Dream Heart Lace F Coord.




A pink striped folded top with Purple ruffles sewn around the top of the chest, along with three violet bows, each adorned with a yellow heart. Covering the collar bone is sheer white material with a pale pink heart design on each side, attached to the ruffled white collar and the ruffled, two-layer sleeves. The top sleeve is white with yellow glittering speckles, while the second layer is purple. A purple and yellow striped ribbon wraps around the neck with a yellow heart resting in the center. Comes with white wrist accessories with purple lining and yellow glittering speckles, along with a single bow adorned with a heart.


A skirt of two layers resting above a pale purple pleat petticoat. The top is pink striped with ruffles of purple strewn around it. On each side of the hem is a purple and yellow striped ribbon with a heart in the middle. The second skirt layer is white with yellow glitter speckles applied around the bottom.


Pink striped that come with white lace socks lined with sheer purple fabric and glittering yellow speckles. Around the ankle is a bright purple ribbon with a yellow heart in the center. On the left upper-leg is a purple cuff trim with ruffles and held by a tiny ribbon on the side, adorned with a tiny heart.


A purple ribbon with white ruffle trim and a yellow heart sewn to the center. Two pearl chains hang beneath it.

Official Coord

Fairy Heart Lace M Coord
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