First Week of Spring ♥
First Week of Spring visual
Original CD Info
First week of spring cd
Artist HARU♪
Release Date ?
RP Performances Info
First Appearance HARU♪'s Dream Debut! (upcoming)
Artist Haruka Bokerdole
List of RP Perfomances
All Performers of the Song HARU♪

First Week of Spring will be the unit song for HARU♪. Even though it's a remake of 0-Week-Old, it's a Dream Theater song.

Lyrics are made by Hanako Inoue. The song is sung in English.


Cyan- Member 1

Purple- Member 2

Yellow- Member 3

Orange- Member 4

Green- Haruka

Black- All members

On Monday, I wake up and yawn;
On Tuesday, I open the window.
Come Wednesday, see the beautiful Spring;
Come Thursday, I exit my room;
On Friday, I dream.
And come Saturday, I sleep again.

Another weekend comes around again; I'm already dreaming of countless colors
The days are always happy. But I still need to find the freedom flower...

Once Upon a Time...
Not long long ago, it's the week that starts dreams,
It's simply wondrous, the first page of the story of life.
I'm dancing in flowers and smiles,
I never knew I'd see the first week of Spring.

The darkness is gone to bring back light, I'll dance,
Baby Little Marionette

It's now the sixth morning, but the magic of Spring is only about to start,
The first week ended, time is flying and I won't waste Spring.

Once Upon a Time...
It's magical, much like a fairytale,
Mysteries spread out across the story of life.
Will the first week end, will I ever find the freedom flower?
All I have now is the dream of an endless Spring.

I'm still unable to dream about love,
Is Spring the key to exit and meet life?
Birthdays, anniversaries, days of blessing all pass me by a week at a time.
Spring is flying away, while I'm still locked.

Once Upon a Time...
"Long, Long Ago," I never lost hope.
It's simply wondrous, the first page of the story of life.
I am still searching the freedom flower,
The key that will bring me the Sunday of Love.

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