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Kanji フラワ
Romaji Furawa
Personal Info
AgeExact age unknown
14.000.000 (Clock Dimension time)
14 (Human time)
Hair Color     Dark green
Eye Color          Green and violet
Home PlaceClock Castle
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)August Marina
Favorite Brand(s)Ms. Bright
Image Color     Orange
     Green (Dream♦SPECTRUM)
Idol TypePrism Type (Natural and Lovely)
Voice ActressUser:Hanako Inoue
SingerUser:Hanako Inoue

Flower is a new idol who came from Pritaly. She's a Prism Type idol, and the second idol with a Secret Type to arrive in Parajuku. Her brand is Ms. Bright, a brand her brother Mystery created for her. 

She, Haruka and Mystery replaced the members Hibiki Shikyoin, Halulu Bokerdole and Falulu Vocaldoll of COLOR, in order to save them from Tenshi Bokerdole's plan. They're very close, even now, and are planning to become a unit.


Flower is a quite short, tan-skinned girl with shoulder-length dark green hair and violet eyes with green hearts inside. She always changes her hairstyle, but usually keeps her bangs over her eye.

Like Mystery, Flower doesn't wear her PriPara Idol Academy uniform.


Flower is exactly the opposite of her brother Mystery, bring an hyperactive and extremely friendly girl. She loves discovering new things, and has a thing for anything nature-related. However, they have something in common- both are quite lewd.

Flower loves pranking others, and loves breaking the mood in serious situations, however she can be very serious when needed.

To tell the truth, Flower mostly does this in an attempt to cheer Mystery up, as he feels guilty for all he did in the past.

According to many people, Flower is similar to a Pop Idol, not a Natural Idol.

Significant Coords


  • Mystery: Flower's adoptive brother. They're usually seen together, and get along very well. Both deeply trust each other, and Mystery calls her a "partner in crime". They always agree on everything, and Hilulu believes they are a perfect duo.
  • Haruka Shirogane: Flower acts like an older sister to Haruka, and they get along very well, having sleepovers together with Mystery and playing together. Mystery believes it's because of their childish personalities, but he's extremely happy whenever he sees both of them enjoying themselves.
  • Falulu Vocaldoll: Unlike Hibiki Shikyoin and Mystery, both get along well, despite what happened and the fact they're rivals.

  • Hibiki Shikyoin: Flower's favourite person to prank. She calls her her "best friend forever" and pranks her with gobi.


  • Her nickname is Flo.
  • Her creator calls her a memelord.
  • Unlike Mystery and Haruka, who were born in the central Clock regions, Flower was born in a tropical island.
  • She has a thing for Hawaii.
  • Flower is a real prodigy, but her horrible health and bad luck make up for it, as she often ends up sick with big fevers after using her healing powers, forcing her to regularly leave to Pritaly with Mystery and Haruka.
  • Her all-time hobby is pranking and teasing Hibiki, as she loves her reactions.
  • Likes: Literally any food, tsunderes, hibiscus flowers, big castles, manga, pocky, videogames, idols, singing, dancing, pranking Hibiki
  • Dislikes: Mean people, serious situations, drama, being sick, not being able to dance

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