Flower! Flower is a song sang by Itou Kanae (Sumire Hanasaki) and is her first solo song based on herself. Part of the album Sumire Hanasaki ~Lime Green Garden.



Short ver.

Wake up and ARISE! ARISE!
Your time has come
You cannot be a bud forever

Twinkle! Twinkle! Message
Petal by petal, bloom out your beauty
Move on! Move on! You're not a sprout

Be proud now that you've grown up
More mature (mature) than before
Now it's time for everyone to see
That your time to shine has come

No need to cry (now that you need to act mature)
It's another step in life (just like climbing stairs)
You cannot be a child forever
It's time to face (time to face)
The future ahead!

Flower! Flower, don't feel down
Flower! Flower, don't listen to bad comments
Life is like a roller coaster
It just goes on (and doesn't stop)

Flower! Flower, stay optimstic
Flower! Flower, stay positive
When there's a problem, just move on
Let your mind be free (be free)
And view the next conflict
As a challenge! ARISE

(Flower! Flower)
(Flower! Flower)

Full ver.


  • The song tells about what life really is and how to stay positive.

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