The legendary Baka
Romaji Mirage Furanzu
Personal Info
BirthdayOctober 25
Blood TypeAB
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue
FamilyRinne Ibara - Step Sister
Laala Manaka - Friend
Melody Ibara - Adopted Future Daughter
Home PlaceAjimi and Nijidiot's Home
Nijidiot Slayer
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Panic Labyrinth Stupid
Favorite Brand(s)Candy Alamode
Idol TypeHoly Pop
ManagerNever recommended

The troller

I am Furanzu's Mirage. A.K.A Furanzu Mirage,i am definitely not OP because was born by watching pripara while he is gone forever

Furanzu Mirageis Furanzu's Cyclone,he is weaker than him but he has a power level of a goddessess.and now he seems idioticly happy because he can perform without worries about the pripara system.

Furanzu Mirage is Just like a normal human but he can do almost all remarkable skills but it is 25/75 he can do perfect stuffs.He seems to be a real Furanzu in physical appearance but mentally idiot for unknown reason.



Furanzu has a blond hair and has a blue eyes.


  • Laala Manaka- Laala knows that furanzu is not in this world,so she is just Mirage's friend.They seems to be like real couples but Laala is Overpowered by idiotness of Mirage.
  • Melody Ibara- As Melody's second Papa,he is so kind to melody.and they play along like an idiot.

Idol Info


  • He is the first Holy-type idol in the series. He is followed by Ange Amahane.
  • He is the second male in the series. He is preceded by Leona West and followed by Akihiko Bokerdole, then Hilulu, and finally Daisuke.
  • He is perfectly Idiot but he is sometimes serious
  • He can do extraordinary skills but it is awkward that he is weaker than his daughter.
  • He can be serious once he's explaining something important and while his sleeping.
  • Due to his OPness of his random stuffs,he can Overpowered nijidiot.
  • Mirage has an alter ego = God of Idiot/troll
  • Melody seems to hate him when she is being ignored or being trolled by him.
  • He will dissapear when The real Furanzu goes back to Human world.
  • He knows that furanzu had a secret popularity,he can't use his idiot ability on crowd.