Garuru render 03
Kanji ガァルル
Romaji Gaaruru
Personal Info
SpeciesVocal Doll
BirthdayApril 17
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorGray-blue
FamilyFalulu Vocaldoll
Home PlaceParajuku (current)
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)0-week-old
Favorite Brand(s)Marionette Mu
Idol TypeLovely
Voice ActressSanada Asami

Gaaruru (ガァルル) is a character in the PriPara and a mini-Falulu. She has black hair tied into two twintails and has sharp, gray-blue eyes. She was initially the same size as the other mini-Falulus but grew taller later in the series. She is currently used by CureItsuki as a roleplay character.


When she debuted in the show, she started as a mischievous and quite of a trouble maker. It turns out that the source of this bad behavior was because of a "Spiny Bug" inside her. Thanks to the pickled-plum she ate, she became nicer and felt bad for the way she acted. She considers herself as a "monster idol".


  • Falulu Vocaldoll - Her sister. Falulu treats her with care and loves her very much.
  • Sophie Hojo - Aside from Falulu, Sophie is another person who understands Gaaruru.
  • Mikan Shiratama - They are friends and part of the unit Gaarumageddon (Canon series only).
  • Aroma Kurosu - They are friends and part of the unit Gaarumageddon (Canon series only).
  • Frilulu Bokerdole - They are friends and formed the unit FriluGaru Para! (RP only).


  • She later joins Mikan and Aroma's group, Aromageddon, and was alter changed Gaarumageddon.