Idol: Haruka Bokerdole

Song: Get Music! (english-orchestra version) (lyrics source- Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live wikia)

Coord: Paradise Coord

There's an overwhelming atmosphere in the stage, just as if something great like the first Golden Airy is going to happen

Hey! Queen! Get music! Masterpiece!
You can't return to being a naive girl who knows nothing
Forget music? NO! NO! Doubt!
You think you can keep up with me? Come one, my music!

Dreams are something you make yourself. I won't wait… For "someday"

Listen, I believe in music…
Everything now is music… And once I put on my gloss, I'm ready to go

I Just Get music! Complete?
I've never been satisfied once in my life
Forget music? NO! NO! Doubt!
I will bloom proudly with my prideful soul
Hey! Boy! Get music! Masterpiece!
I refuse. If you're just a nice guy, then bye bye
Forget music? NO! NO! Doubt!
Look at me from there Only my Rose heart

Making Drama, Switch On! Dance, Runway and Song. Let's go, PriPara!

I'm Queen…
I'm going to go down the red, flu bloom thorny path unharmed and invincible
The escort down it will be the future me. right? Come on, my music!

Cyalume Change!! The whole stage starts glowing like a Cyalume Coord, Haruka gets Golden Airy wings and starts flying. Cyalume Stage!

Hey! Girl! Get music! Masterpiece!
If I'm vexed, there are flames burning in my wet eyes
Forget music? NO! NO! Doubt!
Wake up! Hard and core LIVE

Haruka grabs a Cyalume Batopon and throws it like a boomerang through the stage, like Hibiki's slashes. As the Batopon flies by, everyone in the audience goes in Golden Airy mode too.

I'm Queen! Get music! Masterpiece!
It will be mine, the best, strongest feeling in the world
Forget music? NO! NO! Doubt!
How about you try and catch me? If you're serious

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