Gold Live
Original CD Info
Romaji Gorudo Raibu
Artist COLOR
Release Date ?
RP Performances Info
First Appearance ?
Artist COLOR and ParaHilu
List of RP Perfomances
All Performers of the Song Haruka Shirogane, Hibiki and Hilulu Shikyoin, Falulu, Hanako Inoue, Parallel Hilulu

Gold Live is a live used by COLOR in their Prism Lives during Deluxe Change. This live has a particular scheme they follow in jumps and such.


  1. ParaHilu appears as a guest like Lalulu in the previous lives and performs a Prism Live.
  2. Haruka changes into Gold Airy.
  3. Haruka jumps four times, and alternated to the jumps Haruka flies around the stage (like when the characters fly in Cyalume Airy).
  4. After Haruka, the other four perform a regular Airy Change.
  5. The other four jump in the following order: Hibiki, Hilulu, Falulu, Hanako. There are always the flying-breaks alternated to each person.
  6. COLOR perform a group jump.
  7. ParaHilu performs Aurora Rising.
  8. COLOR rings the bell with ParaHilu.


Gold Live



  • The theme is actually an edited original PriPara Season 2 song. Who can guess it?

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