Spring-Coming Dark Rainbow Coord (ゴージェアスディーバーサイリウムコーデ) is a Cyalume Coord which has no user. It is from the brand Rainbow Diva.



A dress made from three pieces of fabric. The top is black with a pattern of blue kuma heads adorned with pearl chains adorned with droplets and pink roses, held by a ribbon sewn to the back to match the one on front of the chest, which is pink with a red heart pattern. Sticking out from the bottom is green fabric with a lavender star pattern, followed by the main skirt fabric which is purple with a yellow polka-dot pattern and pieces of material hanging from each side. Sewn to the skirt are violet diamond gems with bat wings. On the upper-right of the chest is a clam shell with three ruffled peices of dark green fabric that wraps around the shoulder. Comes with a pearl necklace and silver music note bracelets.


A black and blue kuma print pair of sandals with purple straps covered in a polka-dot pattern. A pearl chain goes up the middle of the foot, attached to a silver music note and thin purple ribbon straps. A large sideways pink ribbon with red and pink heart print resides on the back of the ankle, held by a pearl chain.


A white tiara with a music note shape in the middle. Three pink roses are attached to the tiara, along with a violet diamond gem with bat wings.


Gorgeous Diva Cyalume Coord
Gorgeous Diva Cyalume Dress Gorgeous Diva Cyalume Shoes Gorgeous Diva Cyalume Tiara
Gorgeous Diva Cyalume Dress
Gorgeous Diva Cyalume Shoes
Gorgeous Diva Cyalume Tiara

Who can use this coord?

Anyone ^^ Ask for permission from Ivanly912 and then use it!

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