This is a brand that uses gothic and creepy designs. It later becomes Radiant Emperor.


Yuki Tomoe


  • Punk Sailor Coord
  • Gothic Crystal Cylume Coord
  • White Check Coord
  • Kiyohime Coord
  • Death Lilac Clock Coord
  • Bloody Check Coord
  • Night Star Hatred Coord
  • Maroon Doom Sailor Punk Coord
  • Gruesome Red Coord
  • Mint Torture Cylume Coord
  • Hatred Dream Coord
  • Goth Emerald Check Coord
  • Halloween Blade Coord
  • Witching Gruesome Coord
  • Wonderland Jewel Coord
  • Darkness Cyan Star Team Coord
  • Darkness Purple Star Team Coord
  • Darkness Navy Star Team Coord
  • Darkness Red Star Team Coord
  • Darkness Magenta Star Team Coord
  • Vampire Dream Coord
  • Potion Sky Coord
  • Despair Coord
  • Wonderland Velvet Coord

1st Live 2015

  • Zoisite Star Coord
  • Gothic Rose Perfect Coord
  • Shining Coord
  • Aurora Wings Cyalume Coord
  • Deep Purple Vampire Coord
  • Dark Aurora Coord
  • Christmans Dark Santa Coord
  • Vocal Demon Summoning Coord

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