Hanako Hayashi

Awakened | Unawakened Junondapipi

Kanji 林 花子
Romaji Hayashi Hanako
Personal Info
SpeciesVocal Doll
BirthdayMay 21
Blood TypeB
Height165 cm
Hair ColorPink (Unawakened)

Dark Pink (Awakened)

Eye ColorPink (Unawakened)

Green and Orange (Awakened)

FamilyLily Hayashi (biological sister)
Home PlacePriPara
First AppearanceEpisode 286- They Appear! The Star Sisters and the Flower Girl!
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Charismatic GIRL☆Yeah!
Favorite Brand(s)Rosette Jewel

PRiZm RHythm

Image Color
Voice ActressSumire Morohoshi
SingerEri Aino (better known as Eri from STAR ANIS)

Hanako Hayashi is a Vocal Doll who resides in PriPara. Her main brands are PRiZm RHythm and Rosette Jewel. Her biological sister is Lily Hayashi and her adoptive sisters are Miyu Hoshizora and Melody Hoshizora. Her Prism Live instrument is a guitar.

User: CureStarnight


In her unawakened form, Hanako bears a striking resemblence to Fuwari Midorikaze. Her hair is pink and her eyes are pink as well. She looks like she's around 12-13 years old when she's actually 14.

In her awakened form, She resembles Junon. Hanako's hair gets longer and curls. She now looks like she's around 14. There are butterflies on her outfit. Her eyes are green in the right eye and orange in the left.


Hanako is the meanest out of the four (although she is not an antagonist). She can be really stubborn and gets really upset if people are fooling around. When it comes to practice, Hanako is always focused and tries her best to never make a mistake.

Despite the negative feelings, she really does care about people. She doesn't want to see anyone upset. She cares for Lily, Miyu, and Melody.



  • Lily Hayashi - Hanako really does care for her younger sister. Although she can get upset when Lily doesn't pay attention or doesn't understand anything, she will do anything to protect her.


  • Miyu Hoshizora and Melody Hoshizora - Hanako treats them as somewhat of a "senpai" figure. She doesn't really know whether to treat them as upperclassmen or as underclassmen. Either way, their relationship is pretty close. Miyu, Melody, Lily, and Hanako make up the unit "Nature PRiZm Star."

Significant Coords

  • Triangle Color Coolest Coord - Her casual coord in PriPara and her main performance coord.
  • PRiZm RHythm Cool Cyalume Coord- Her main Cyalume Coord.



  • Hanako (ハナコ)- "hana" (ハナ) means flower while "ko" (コ) means "child".
  • Hayashi (ハヤシ)- means "forest"