Harmonic Hanabi Coord(ハーモニック花火コーデ) is a pripara rare coord used by Sakura Mizuki Harlaown as her unit coord for Hanabi. This is a Lovely Type coord which was made by Sakura herself. It is a recolor of the Purple Ribbon Meringue Coord.




A blouse with a white and pink gradient rose design. Two rose layers circle the top of the chest, coming in light and dark blue, along with a powder-blue bow sewn to the top left of the chest. Around the bottom are two layers of white material with a pale blue tulle trim. The puffed sleeves are lavender and attached to a piece of fuchsia and indigo striped material circling the top of the chest and lined in white. Sewn to the back are large pale gradient butterfly wings with a purple piped design. Comes with glittering light indigo ribbon wrapped around each wrist with white lining, and a fuchsia lace collar with the same ribbon wrapped around it, along with a white and ice-colored rose.


A skirt of two layers. The top is a glittering white and pale blue gradient tutu made of four petals lined with a lace trim. Several roses adorn the skirt, coming in white, violet, blue gradient, and a gradient of pale purple and blue. The second skirt is a glittering lavender, made of bunched up material.


Blue-lilac boots with a purple sole. The blue and purple lace cuff is lined in white with hot pink string. A glittering ribbon lined in white wraps around the top and rests behind it the cuff. The right boot has an indigo ribbon, while the left has a purple.

Official Coord

Harmonic Hanabi Coord
Harmonic Hanabi Tops Harmonic Hanabi Skirt Harmonic Hanabi Boots

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