(Note: I'll be naming normal/random XD lives like this ^^)

Idol: Haruka Bokerdole

Song: Realize!

Meganee: Please scan the correct amount of PriTickets for your coord. You can also scan Friend Tickets. Coord Change Start!

Meganee: Huh? Didn't they rip this coord? What's happening?

Haruka: Symphonia Destiny Coord! Watch this! It's Haruka's last live!

Mukuchi na heart hiraitara Susumou koe awasete Kirakira shiteiru jibun wo Tsukamou daisuki na koto shiyō

Making Drama, Switch On! Haruka is walking away leaving everyone else alone. "I'll show you!" "What you said might become true..." "You're never seeing me again!" Haruka walks into darkness and she disappears, then some purple butterflies appear and her voice is heard. "My story ends now... But a new one is beginning! Goodbye to the past, Symphonia Destiny!"

Kachi ka make da nante kankei nai ja naii! Saa te to te tsunaide Hey Jump! Party wa hajimaru!

Cyalume Change! The butterflies fly away from her coord, making it become a darker version of the Paradise Coord.

Let's Dance 1,2,3! Mirai e sou zutto minna de Zettai akirametakunai kara Let's Sing Do my best! Ashita wa kitto kagayaiteru Chikara awasete tokimeki sagashiteku Tsukamitorō Pripara

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