Haruka waka edit small
Kanji メザメ一
Romaji Mezame ichi
Personal Info
Age1 (Vocal Doll)

15 (real human age)

SpeciesVocal Doll (human)
Birthday14th of August
Hair ColorGreen
Eye ColorBrown
FamilyFalulu (sister?)
Home PlaceBasement
OccupationActing like a leader
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Make it!
Favorite Brand(s)Twinkle Ribbon
Idol TypeLovely

"HaruPara really is... a world every Haruka who got lost from her world aspires to live in! When the time comes, every Haruka finds a mysterious portal that will force her to stay in this world forever! But do not worry, there's Underground HaruPara! Where both aspiring and famous Harukas alike are found! Where they compete in shows of song, dance, and fashion sense! Truly a paradise for Harukas!"

-MezameHaru and a sarcastic ParaHaru introducing ChikaHaruPara.

Haruka Bokerdole, also known as MezameHaru, is a parallel Haruka from half a year ago. She is the manager of most Harukas in the Haruka Army. She's the only Haruka besides ParaHaru who can properly manage people.

She is famous for being the ruler of ChikaHaruPara, or simply HaruPara, the modified once again underground of PriPara.


Haruka has a fair complexion with bright, pastel green hair worn in short curled pigtails to match her bangs, forelocks, and cowlick. She has dull brown eyes.


Haruka is calmer than VocalHaru but is still energetic. She acts more like an older sister instead of a little sister but still tries to make everyone have fun and enjoy PriPara to the fullest.

She's the most leader-like of all Harukas.


  • She secretly has a crush on ParaHaru. It is also implied she is the only Haruka ParaHaru gets along with, making her happy about it.
  • She and ParaHaru are the two leaders of HaruPara. ParaHaru acts like a Meganii, and she acts like a Meganee.
  • She doesn't really get along with PrincessHaru and Harukami.

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