Idol: Haruka Bokerdole

Coord: Sunny Sunny Parasol Coord - Cyalume: Marionette Mu Cyalume Coord unofficial Sky Recolor

Song: Dream Parade

Lyrics from PriPara Wiki

"PriPara chaaaange!"

Meganee: The Sunny Sunny Parasol Coord fits Haruka-san really well! Sasuga prez'! Let's go, debut live!

Haruka: Sunny Sunny Parasol Coord! Ikuyo!

--On stage--

Haruka: Min'na! My name's Haruka! Hope you enjoy my show!

Heibon na hibi ni akichatta no nara
Kokoro kigaete asobi ni yukō minna de

"I want to express my true feelings... I want to make them smile..."

Gokigen na Music
Kikoeru mirai no saishin area ichiban’nori shiyou

"But how? I made this Making Drama, will it deliver happiness to everyone?"

Charm point wa tobikiri no Smile
Tomodachi minna atsumatte
Kane wo narashitara
Miracle Dreamer

"Making Drama, Switch On!"

Haruka is seen falling from a dark sky, only her coord is glittering. "I'll overcome the darkness, just to deliver this package!" Haruka lands in a forest, and runs away in the darkness. Haruka reaches an house and knocks the door. A girl opens and receives the package. As the girl opens the package, light comes out, the dark sky becomes a shiny mid-day sky and the grass gets covered by flowers in full bloom. "Happiness Princess!"

"Cyalume Change!" The Marionette Mu Sky Cyalume Coord starts glowing. Some colored silhouettes of Haruka surround her as she starts dancing again.

Nijiiro ni kagayaku yume wo mitsuke ni yukō
Kirakira tokimeitara
Omoi no mama tanoshinjae!

"I'm a vocal doll, and I'll be deactivated for sure."

Kimi to nara doko made mo yukeru yo Owaranai monogatari start shiyou
PriPara Dream Parade

"So I'll enjoy every single show as long as I can!"


EDIT: And with this, Haruka ranks up to Major Class! (Just got the badge ^^")

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