Performance Info

Idol: Haruka Shiratama
Song(s): Oh,Love&Peace (Love Live!)
Coord(s): Sherbet Hitchike Coord
Cyalume Coord: Silky Heart Cyalume Coord

Before Performance

Haruka: *writing* To all my future fans out there, I know that I'm working my way back home to the year 2094. Hope you can patiently wait for me! XOXO

Mikan: Haruka-chan! Are you ready for your debut live, nano?

Haruka: Quite of a coincidence oka.....Mikan-chan that I'm doing it on a Leap Year. I'm going to be some kind of lucky idol today *thinking* and in the future.

Coord Change

Please scan the appropriate amount of PriTickets, you may also scan your Friends Ticket. Coord Change Start!

Haruka: This coord may not give such a futuristic feel than what I am but as long as I get to wear my mom's coord. Sherbet Hitchike Coord!

(crowd continues to cheer for Haruka's debut live)

Haruka: Minna! Before anything else, I just wanna say, HAPPY LEAP YEAR! Shall we start?


Hitamuki ni nareru no wa suteki
Rikutsu janai hitamuki na kimochi
Jiyuu to yuuki no Ruuru o motteru kai?

Zenshin osorezu ni
Yorokobi o wakachi atte
Futatsu dake demo kanarazu mamoritai ne

Oh, Love & Peace
Yasashii kaze ni nare kokoro
Sou sa genki o agetai ganbarukara
Oh, Love & Peace
Kimi ga kanashii toki zutto
Dakishimeru to chikaou wasurenaide

Making Drama Switch On

Haruka performs the Making Drama, Making Love! Make Some Peace!

Cyalume Change

Haruka changes into the Silky Heart Cyalume Coord.

Mou tsurakute mo nakanaide hitoribotchi wa
Sotsugyou shiyou Love & Peace

Haruka: Minna! Arigatou ne~ *Looks at Mikan*

Mikan: *waves back* Gerugeru!

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