Horizon jump
I'm Haruka Bokerdole, the SC President of PriPara Idol Academy!

I'm an Horizon Awakened Vocal Doll with the Hidden Prism Voice~
The Hidden Prism Voice is a boost to your Prism Voice that becomes stronger as you keep performing, and that can be boosted with the 12 Cyalume Ribbons. My Cyalume Ribbon is Hibikicchi-tan's Resound Ribbon. She bought it to me as a prank but it ended up being useful~

Anyways, if you're here I guess you got my friend ticket. Nice~
I assume you're my friend, even though I can't see you right now~

This corner is for stuff for friends-only! You can also edit this page and leave me a message!
I can also answer when I check.

Traded tickets

Leave a photo/drawing of your ticket here if you traded or just write here your in-PriPara nickname!

Mirage awakened

Question and Answers corner

Want to ask me a question? Or want to answer my questions? Write your message here saying your idol nickname and the day you wrote it!

02/27/2016- HARUKA BOKERDOLE: I need an idol catchphrase, like Kashikoma~ Can you help me? Oh, it can't be gobi (check out Academy Dictionary) or Hibikicchi-tan will get mad at me ;w; Any ideas?

Leave me a message

Want to say hi or something else? The rules are the same as above, write your message here!

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