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Personal Info
SpeciesVocal Doll (not human, fully vocal doll)
GenderMale (girl pronouns, like Hilulu)
Birthday14th of August
Hair ColorBlue, purple, pink
Eye ColorGrey
Home PlaceBasement
OccupationPriPara Goddess (in her world)
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Shocking Party
Favorite Brand(s)-
Idol Type-
 Harukami, also known as MiraHaru, is an alternative parallel future self of Haruka, who was believed to be the real future self.

MiraHaru originally thought Haruka was a male like her, however after discovering this isn't true, she found out she isn't this Haruka's actual future, but another Haruka's.


She has a fair complexion and grey eyes, symbolising her loss of purpose and "radiance". Her original hair coloring was a gradient of fuchsia, blue, and purple.

Now, her long hair is worn in two pigtails separated in three curled strands, each a single color. Her bangs and the hair surrounding her head is mostly fuchsia.


Haruka is very hyper and a bit childish. She has often stupid ideas and doesn't change a lot from her old self. She gets shocked easily, but can be very determined when it comes to live shows.


  • She is the first character to actually met her Present counterpart. She is followed by Mirazuki, Mizuki's future counterpart.
  • She is the first character with radiant hair.
  • She is more hyper than before.