This character has graduated, meaning she will no longer appear in any RP's.

" ( what she says ) Nyan "

Lily Hashimoto
Kanji リリー (橋本)
Romaji Rirī ( Hashimoto )
Personal Info
SpeciesHuman ( vampire )
BirthdayDecember 12th
Blood TypeB+
Occupationidol ,student
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)TBA
Favorite Brand(s)TBA
Idol Typepop
Voice ActressTBA
ManagerHikari ( Panda )
Lily Hashimoto was a new idol, her brand (TBA ). She was a new student in Pripara Private Academy. She is a Pop type idol people think that shes Human but she not .she is the first character of a new user Lilyight, she has graduated and became queen of the Vampires and the family




she is a very creative kind of girl when she doesn't know you she gets quietshe is also ordinary girl, and extremely introverted .she is also soft-spoken sweetheart. Demure and gentle as a flower, she is very .sensitive and is prone to taking criticism too personally. She's very shy and tends to blush easily, especially when the spotlight in front of everyone Lily is a responsible and hard-working girl


Hikari ( Lily's and Yuki's Manager ) - she and Hikari would always agree with each other on thing

Himura Yuki - they became friends before entering Pripara Acadamy


  • she is the first character of Lilyight in this Wikia
  • she is a pop type
  • everytime she speaks and not singing she ends it in " Nyan "

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