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Hellen Bokerdole

Casual | Cyalume Hellen Casual

Kanji へれん
Romaji Heren
Personal Info
BirthdayMarch 14
Hair ColorSpring green
Eye ColorPink
Home PlacePriPara Hills
Prism Force's Observatory
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Trip to Olympus
Favorite Brand(s)Symphonata! (brand)
Dreaming Girl (Initial)
Idol TypeCalm
Voice ActressKusuda Aina
Road to Olympus! Eh? Take me there, please!

Hellen (へれん) is a yet to be awakened VocalDoll in PriPara and half of the VocalDoll twins. She is a Calm idol and a member of Iris Dynasty. Her main color is baby blue (    ).


Hellen is a VocalDoll like Falulu and her PriTicket was scanned along with her "sister" Kenna.


Hellen has long, spring green hair that partially sticks up on end with her bangs curving inward in the shape of a heart. She has large grey eyes. She wears the Vocal Doll headphones-ear piece with a thick section of hair sticking out from the side.


Hellen is a very calm and caring VocalDoll who appears to always be tired and speaks in a rather slow tone. Though she appears to be in a similar condition as Sophy's Fancy Mode, she is an independent person who can do things on her own. According to Kenna, Hellen in one sentence is depicted as "someone who reads the atmosphere and refrains from speaking".

Hobbies and Skills

Surprisingly, Hellen has superhuman strength and can lift items ten times her size. She uses this as a form of punishment to the members of Iris Dynasty, most of the time to her twin sister. She likes taking naps and is always seen sleeping. She is also good at making dolls.

Idol Data

Date Live Name Notes
TBA Hellen's Debut Live Solo

Brand Coord Name Notes
Symphonata! Baby Treble Cyalume Coord Cyalume Coord
Symphonata! Starhouse Coord Casual Coord
Symphonata! Super Cyalume Iris Dynasty Coord Super Cyalume Coord (Soon)

Type Making Drama Notes
Lovely Hellenic Lighthouse! Sparkling! Initial Making Drama


Hellen: A variation of Helen meaning "shining light". This could refer to the fact she represents the Lighthouse of Alexandria as the said landmark's light can be seen miles away from it's location compared to other lighthouses. The spelling of her name can also come from Greece's official name Hellenic Republic, referring to her passion for Greece.


  • Hellen shares her voice actress with Toujou Nozomi from Love Live! Idol School Project.
  • Hellen shares the same birthday as Yarne from Fire Emblem Awakening.
  • Hellen has a huge passion for Greece and dreams to go to it's PriPara someday, just to see Mount Olympus.
  • Hellen represents the Lighthouse of Alexandria as a member of Iris Dynasty.


Official Art

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