Melody Himura
Kanji メロディー (緋村 )
Romaji Merodī Hi-mura
Personal Info
SpeciesHuman ( vampire )
BirthdayAugust 23
Blood TypeO -
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)TBA
Favorite Brand(s)SexyLoveWave
Idol TypeSexy
Voice ActressTBA
ManagerHikari ( panda )

This character has graduated, so she will not appear in RP anymore.

" lets Pripara to the end ( insert name ) "

Yuki Himura is a new idol her brand is SexyLoveWave she is in Pripara private Academy.she is a Sexy type idol .she is the 2nd character of Lilyight she a vampire.



she is very sociable kind of person she takes charge in thing when she need to and defends her friends fierce go-getter. She lives for the  adrenaline of competition and will do anything to be Number 1.he plays fairly and will never lower herself to cheating. She has an enigmatic personality and easily captivates people with her vivacious


Hashimoto Lily - they became friends before entering Pripara Academy

Hikari ( Lily's and Yuki's Manager ) - her manager and Lily's they are friendly to each other


  • Lilylight's 2nd character in this wikia
  • she is taller than Lily
  • she is a Sexy type

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