Idol: Ichigo Amanogawa Song: Strawberry Rush Dash Coord: Cyan Gingham Sherbet Coord

Coord Change

Ichigo: Horray! Yay! Yay!! It's my debut live!! *rushes into the changing area*

Please scan the right amount of PriTickets, you may also scan your Friends Tickets. Coord Change Start!

Since Ichigo was a Prism Star, let us give her a recolor of Naru-chan's spring outfit

Cyan Gingham Sherbet Coord, kara

Ichigo: *jumps up and down* Hi!! Hi!! Today, I'll perform no Prism Jumps but a Making Drama of your dreams!! Please enjoy my extreme show!!


Oh yeah, oh right, come on! Oh, Strawberry Rush Dash!

On the first day of January Fireworks are set up in the night sky And then I say "Party" Or I say "Strawberry" And eats a choco bar

Colorful, Colorful, Colorful days Are here to stay! So don't hide in the corner Come out of that hiding place!! And go with me instead

There is much to do! When you have no one else near you! So jump and find a friend Or run, run instead!!

Rush, rush dash I'm so ready One, two, three the strawberry is smiling Seven colors and one rainbow Are here to stay!

Making Drama, Switch On

Ichigo performs several Prism Jumps and a Prism Live. First Prism Jump is Lovely Splash, then Lovely Rainbow and finally Lovely Bomb. Her mascot, Chimmy, then turns into a bell lyre and Ichigi grabs it while saying Prism Live.

Lovely Prism Collection

Cyalume Change

Ichigo changes into the Athletic Ranch Cyalume Coord.


Rush, rush dash I'm so happy One, two, three I'm on Cloud 9 Seven kids and a princess Are my very best friends

So come, jump, jump And start a POSITIVE panic!! Go, Go Strawberry!!

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