Note: Feel free to Edit this ^^ and add a characters of what their type there is

Lovely Idols

Lovely idols are idols who show off their full cuteness appeal. They have upbeat personalities, who have the ability to befriend anyone they meet and inspire those around them.

Lovely Characters

Pop Idols

Pop idols are idols who specialize in spreading joy through their eccentric, upbeat, and sometimes random humor. Pop idols are also often labeled as gobi idols, meaning that they say things at the end of their sentences.

Pop Characters

Cool Idols

Cool idols are idols who exude a confident and edgy aura. They have the ability to rock any type of clothing they wear, even if they feel uncomfortable at first.

Cool Characters

Natural Idols

The Natural typing is a very rare type, only reserved for those who have a true, great sense and connectivity towards nature.

Natural Idols

Celebrity Type

The Celeb typing is a very rare type, only reserved for famous celebrities, royalty, the elegant, and the skillful. They are perfect idols who are known to have remarkable talent.

Celeb Characters

Premium Type

The Premium typing is a very rare type, only reserved for special idols with great potential. Their idol power and shine are extremely strong.

Premium Characters

Holy Type

An ultimate type created by Furanzu Ibara (user).this special type is currently not available for other users unless they have a permission to use this.

2nd Generation

A holy power that can inherit into a person, combining any type with this will make an extraordinary improvement to a user.


Perfect for Idols who don't fit into one category. Idols in this category usually have more than one side to there personality which make them stand out.

Ancient Deity

This unique type is reserved only for heroes, Gods and Goddesses or people who had a big influence for a lot of people and turne into legend The pritickets of this type are beige.(Everyone can use this type ^^)

Ancient Deity Characters

Dream Type

This type is only for idols who have a special dreaming personality. These idols feature a pure heart willing to do anything possible. However, to use it, you MUST ask Kiseki Chinatsu.

Dream Characters

Happy Type

The Happy Type is for idols who treasures and loves all types of clothes and accessories whole-heartedly regardless of the idol's type. It is a non-existing type, only used by idols who acts and wears anything from any brand and any type, regardless of what type the system defines the idol. This type isn't really an official type, and is only real by name (the system wont define you as this type, but you can call yourself that by name)

Happy Character

Future Type

This type is only used by idols of NegaSeka (if you want to create one ask Waka).

Future characters

Passionate Type

Passionate is for Intensive Idols with passionate feelings, open mind and lively people. They always do everything with enthusiasm and frenzy, the pritickets of this type are orange (this type is from Idolm@ster and anyone can use it)

Sexy Type

This type is for idols who are hot, spicy and sensual. They usualy seduce people around them with just staying there and have a fervent heart.

Floral Type

This type is only for idols who want to bloom and have a pure heart. However, to use it, you MUST ask User:Hickmanm.

Floral characters

Night Sky Type

This type is only for idols who want to shine like the stars. However, to use it, you MUST ask Kiseki Chinatsu.

Night Sky characters

Dark Type

This type is for the idols who have a dark side to them. People are attracted to this type by the allure of intimidation the character holds. You can't use this type without permission from StarMiya.

Dark Type Characters

Pure Type

The Pure typing is a very special type,only several can be a pure idol.Pure Idols have special abilities to open new worlds and have a Pure Silver PriTickets.Every Pure Idol has a Pure Heart Wand to do so.Please ask permission by Mitsuki Kisaragi-San before using this type.

Pure Characters

Heartful Type

The Heartful Type is a secret type reserved to those with extremely pure hearts who manage to convey everyone their deepest feelings via simple Making Dramas.

Heartful type idols are known for their lovable, child-like personalities and their selflessness.

Feel free to use this type, however, it's still a secret type, so let your characters find out their type after a while

Heartful Characters

Youthful Type

The Youthful Type is a rather uncommon type, occurring in one out of every ten thousand idols who enter PriPara. Youthful idols are usually lively, open-minded, and have a childlike demeanor. There is no specific style of clothes for the type, and beands tend to vary thematically in clothes. PriTickets for this type are red-orange. Feel free to use this type!

Youthful Idols

Angel Type

The Angel Type is a forbidden idol type from Pripara.They say that an idol before went into a desprate despair, but no one knew why. Only User:OmegaPri's characters can only use this type.(For now.)

Angel Type Idols

Blossom Type

The Blossom Type is a super rare type from PriPara. The percentage of being one is 0.00005% but see one is 1.5%. None know who make these calculations. PriTickets for this type are magenta.

Blossom Type Idols

Radiant Type

The Radiant Type is a special type that can only be achieved through a special upgrade. This type has no specific style, nor are the idols archetyped, instead it is just an upgrade from the idols former type. Each brand has a Radiant spin-off (I.e. Holic Trick and Holic Trick Classic users get Holic Trick RADIANT). The PriTickets for this type are the idol's original type (i.e. green for natural) with a metallic finish and rainbow ribbon. You MUST ask Yuki to use this type.

Corruption Type

The Corruption-Type is a dark route that can be accessed when being upgraded to Radiant-Type.

Corruption Idols

  • Mahiru Sakurai

Aura Types

Thr Aura Type is for those who have a graceful and calm atmosphere and are also creative and outgoing. They usually have a leading personality and the potential to inspire others like Lovely-types. To use this type, you MUST ask Kiseki Chinatsu.

Aura Characters

Paradise Type

The Paradise Type is for those whose dream is strong enough to light up the night sky. The PriTickets are unique. The main part of the ticket has multicolor stars on it, while the ribbon with the heart in the middle is replaced by a golden, winged star.

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