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Inori Ginga
Kanji 銀河いのり
Romaji Ginga Inori
Personal Info
Specieshuman (?)
BirthdayMarch 28
Hair ColorDeep pink
Eye ColorBlue
Idol Info
Favorite Brand(s)Symphonata! (brand)
Marionette Mu (Initial)
Voice ActressNaganawa Maria
Ginga Inori, the Galaxy Princess!

Ginga Inori (銀河いのり) is a senior idol of PriPara. She is a Calm idol and a member of StellariS. Her main color is magenta (    ).


Inori was born on a large and wealthy family, highly symbolized by the asteroid Vesta (38px-Vesta symbol.svg). She was kept inside the house for most of her childhood so she is not athletic compared to the other members of StellariS. She decides to become an idol after watching a video of Saints performance and in order to step out if her comfort zone.

Inori has a mother and a father who works in a buisness relating to economics.


Inori has long, deep pink hair with straight cut end, forelocks, and bangs with a single split in the corner. She has a tuft of hair pulled into a side-tail. Her girly-style eyes are dark blue.


Inori is a friendly and calm girl. However when angered, she can be quite scary. She has a calm atmosphere and is not surprised easily. She is viewed by many as a role model because of this and she is very popular among the modern idols today.

Hobbies and Skills

Inori enjoys stargazing and is a member of the Astronomy Club in her school. She is also good at economics. Inori makes up for her lack of athletic skills by her intelligence.

Idol Data

Date Live Name Notes
TBA Inori's Debut Live Solo

Brand Coord Name Notes
Marionette Mu Idol Time Microphone Marionette Coord Cyalume Coord
Symphonata! Acapella Blaze Coord Casual Coord
Symphonata! Super Cyalume StellariS Coord Super Cyalume Coord (Soon)

Type Making Drama Notes
Lovely Acapella Voice of the Galaxy Initial Making Drama


Ginga (銀河): Ginga (銀河), if combined, means galaxy.

Inori (いのり): Inori (祈り) means prayer.


  • Inori shares the same voice actress with Theiamellis Forthorthe, a character from Rokujouma no Shinryakusha.
  • Inori shares the same birthday as Hana from Fire Emblem Fates.
    • Coincidentally, Usagi's choice of English voice actress for Inori is Karen Strassman, who also provides the English voice for Hana.


Official Art

2016 08 10 041032

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